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Converted Maxim Machine Gun

I started these guys and then put them on ice during studying for my Masters Degree. It’s great to have them up and running to give my (presently under strength) naval infantry platoon a bit more punch on the battlefield. As a lightly equipped platoon, and MMG will really make a difference when the lead starts flying (just to clarify, this isn’t a reference to poorly behaved opponents!)

All three figures are heavily converted, and the guy dragging the gun was my first attempt at sculpting using green stuff! I have used green stuff before a lot, but as a gap filler, rather than sculpting new components.

I plan to run a Soviet Naval Infantry Platoon at full strength with  3 twelve man squads, a tank hunter team, some anti tank rifles, and now I can field an MMG, which I am really pleased with. It has given me the confidence to plan to convert a sniper team for the platoon.

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