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KV2 Tank

KV2 Tank

This ‘Assault Gun’ is a real beast, the turret and gun dwarf anything else in this stage of the War.

Facing a KV-2  on the table, the German’s will have a serious threat on the table. It has the ‘slow’ and the ‘Slow Traverse’ special rules, but, it has heavy armour and an extremely powerful heavy howitzer. Armour and experienced infantry both have to fear this enemy. I have only ever used it once and it deleted whole enemy units of infantry when it fired. With such heavy armour, most of the German anti-tank guns and armour mounted weapons are going to be ineffective unless they can get around it, and shoot it in the arse at point close range.

The Warlord kit is great and allows you to assemble a KV-1  turret as well. I am working on two more of these behemoths so that I can field an entire troop.

In terms of presentation, I undercoated the model with Halford’s Matt Black Primer. The base colour is Vallejo Surface Primer Russian Green 70.609, then highlights dry brushed with 50/50 Vallejo Khaki/Russian Green 70.609. The whole model is then washed with Forge World ‘Dry Mud’ weathering powder in a wash, which is then partially dry sponged off. Scratches and chips were added to add realistic wear a tear.

I finished this model over a year ago, and am trying to replicate the look and effects exactly on the other two previously unassembled examples. I won’t know for sure that I have it right until the weathering powder wash is applied, dried and partially sponged off.

Please find the kit at the Warlord Games website:

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