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Kit-bashed 100th Jaeger Division MMG.

100th Jager Division MMG team set up an ambush

I kit-bashed an MMG team for my 100th Jager Division platoon. I chose the heads from the plastic Opel-Blitz kit from Warlord to match the rest of the platoon, which use the bodies from the Plastic German Blitzkrieg German Infantry set

This gives a clear overall look that helps differentiate them on the table top from other German units (watch this space!).

I decided to give them a bipod rather than a tripod to add to their light infantry feel. I have only used them once in a tournament at Factorum the home of 4Ground buildings and a serious Bolt Action players community, and they got SPANKED!

If anyone is interested in recreating something similar I have used the ‘Blitzkrieg German’ plastic box set as described with the ‘Opel-Blitz’ passenger sprue from Warlord games.

The Models are from Warlord :

Blitzkrieg German Infantry

I would be grateful if anyone searching could use my affiliate link:

The scenery is from 4Ground:

They have kindly furnished me with a code so that I can provide a discount: TTMINI5

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