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100th Jager Division

I like the variety and diversity of historical units. A particular unit that grabbed me in the ‘Stalingrad’ campaign book by Warlord, was the 100th Jager Division squad. It is lightly equipped, and without an LMG and a Rifle Grenadier, it would be too weak to stand up to the mass fire power of the Soviet SMG armed squads that it will be facing on the table top.

The optional ‘mountaineers’ special rule, when taken will allow it to traverse the rough terrain with no penalty, a must for any unit that needs to advance to capture objectives in a city of rubble.

With every German platoon that I have started, or intend to build for my Stalingrad Mega Battle, I have chosen different heads to differentiate them from the other units. I have chosen the plastic heads from the ‘Blitz Opal’ kit from Warlord for my 100th Jager Division troops and teams. Also, I have painted green piping on the lapels to denote the unit as 100th Jager division to differentiate them further. This was not a aesthetic choice, but based upon the actual uniform they wore.

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