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Use of scalpel blades

Before we go any further, this product is bloody sharp and used for surgical operations! I would not recommend under any circumstance to the under 16’s, and only ever with an adult with a box of plasters and a car with route planner to A and E present!

In terms of reliability of product quality, Swann and Morton are the finest blades that I am aware of on the market. I used the curved variants in a size 10. They are superb for pinpoint precision.

Be aware that they will lose sharpness very quickly when working with white metal miniature. Also, they have a sell-by date stamped, as they will lose sharpness over time, but generally speaking, this is really for Surgeons and vets. The foil packaging is airtight, and generally, they will be fine for modelling if still sealed.

They are perfect for cutting through plastic, resin, white metal and wood, leaving a clean flat cut, where clippers will not. This clean, flat cut is perfect when fitting components together flush, or leaving a flat surface for holes to be drilled for pinning.

I always use the blade on the manufacturers recommended handle when cutting.

Old blunt blades can be used to accurately move super glue around on miniatures bases, before applying basing material.

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