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This has been on my “Gamers Radar” for some time, and thank God I am now recovered enough (after being seriously ill from Covid 19 in March 2020) to get down and visit.

These chaps do a great range of HDF  scenery, and an impressively large amount of it is tailor-made for Stalingrad. Lots of other pieces are completely appropriate or adaptable for my project and have been already featured.

I was first made aware of these chaps through Beast’s of War/ and bought a load of their scenery through Wayland games. Infact I believe that I cleared out Wayland’s entire stock at one point.

It was great to meet Big Ben Creswell and Cad properly (I met them briefly whilst they were filming with Justin at the On Table Top Visitor Center in Coleraine). They invited me down for a tour of their ‘Factorum Facilities’, which are impressive but have several seriously impressive revamps and additions (more on that later).

I have not been this excited since I went to Toys R Us as a 10 year old with £50 in 1989, and yes, I came away with… 1 or 2 new acquisitions!

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